Cube of Death

It’s a quiz show! It’s a dungeon crawl! It’s both! James Carpio is your host and game master, leading a new set of victims, erm, contestants through dark and perilous encounters where they must answer nerdy sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture questions to survive.
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Cube of Death

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Oct 19, 2015

Our adventures must enter The Lair of Dr. Despair. This episode is super hero themed (sort of) and takes place in the super villian's base. The Orex has been found by Dr. Despair and has used it to wipe out most of the heroes of the world. The surviving heroes, if you can call them that, now compete to possess the Orex. Will it be Gnarl the Gnoll, Sir William Parks the martial artist bard, or AK-2K the droid from days gone by? You’ll have to listen to find out who makes it into the semi-finals.

Oct 2, 2015

Our adventures must enter the Umbra. This episode is space themed and takes place on a haunted space spaceship. The Orex has been opened and otherworldly creatures have made their way into our world. Our heroes must infiltrate the ship to possess its power. Will it be Mark Edwards — Comm the Medic, Nik Palmer  Moonwalker the Smooth Criminal, or Steven S. Long — Victor Abraxis the Hacker? You'll have to listen to find out who makes it into the semi-finals.